Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Twitter Hacked causes users to lose followers

A twitter logo, white field against a black background
Social networking site Twitter was hit by a bug on Monday. For two hours, millions of users appeared to lose their followers. Twitter said: “we identified and resolved a bug that permitted a user to ’force’ other users to follow them”.

The reason of the problem was a hack that allowed users to force others to follow them without their permission. The hack was quickly passed all over the community and many users took advantage of it to force celebrities to follow them.

The apparent hacking had many celebrities complaining on their twitters. Twitter has grown in popularity since its 2007 launch to 100 million users. Twitter, allows users to intersperse their followers with messages of 140 characters or less, said last month that it has topped 105 million registered users and is adding 300,000 new accounts a day.