Thursday, May 6, 2010

UK Election 2010 Results: Exit Poll Predicts Hung Parliament

11:40 PM ET — The two key headlines of the night so far. Beyond the results of the exit polls, the two big headlines to night have been Brown suggesting that he may attempt to form a coalition government , and Cameron’s declaration that, with his party headed for a big gain in seats, “the Labour government has lost its mandate to govern our country.

That’s all for tonight on this blog, but we’ll be back early tomorrow to catch up on the latest developments. If you want to keep reading through the night, the Guardian, Times of London or the BBC are all great options. You can watch live video of the election coverage courtesy of the BBC on HuffPost here.

Thanks for reading.

11:30 PM ET — Where they stand currently. As of now, with 376 of 650 seats declared, Conservatives have 182 seats, Labour 143, and the Lib Dems 28, according to the BBC.

11:20 PM ET — A quick recap of the day’s events.. AP has a video report for those looking to catch up on what’s happened.