Thursday, September 16, 2010

America s Got Talent Winner

America s Got Talent Winner:“It’s an incredible achievement for a visit so far,” said the host Nick Cannon, referring to the 4 America’s Got Talent finalists – Prince Poppycock, Michael Grimm, Jackie Evancho and fight gravity.

“Final Results” show got off to a disco to start, as Prince sang nonsense last dance with Donna Summer. The next step, Michael Grimm, I did and Bobby McGee with Jewel, and then singing Lionel Richie Dancing on the ceiling, as the fight against gravity are performed.

After listening to the recaps and installation of Nick Cannon, we got to the goosebump production duo Jackie Evancho with opera star Sarah Brightman.

Said a young Jackie afterwards: “It was amazing, because I had long dreamed about this day all my life. And it will sing to a girl – woman – who helped me all the songs, it’s just amazing to here with her.”

Said Sara, Jackie beautiful, beautiful girl with a beautiful voice. I want her to save it and preserve it, to enjoy her life, because I think her life will be very, very special. ”

Special enough to be crowned America’s Got Talent this season winner?
No To everyone’s surprise ending, the Mississippi singer Michael Grimm won the $ 1 million and the opportunity to headline the show in Vegas.
“It’s real?” he said, smiling and speechless.

Said all ready a little Jackie, “This experience was amazing. I loved every minute of it.”

Earlier were sighs, when the first one to exit the show was Prince Poppycock. It blew the whole crowd and batted her long, fake eyelashes. Judge Piers Morgan said his buzz on the eve of nonsense: “I think that I was wrong. I have you humming 10 second earlier! I’m kidding.” He said nonsense: “You’re a star, and you’ll be a star.”

Next for BitTorrent: Fighting Gravity. Sharon Osbourne said she was sure they would turn off the show in Las Vegas and told them she wanted to place in the front row at the premiere.