Monday, September 6, 2010

Costco Store Hours

Costco Store Hours, Costco shopping means buying in volume. It is a great place for large families or if you are addicted to Snickers bars or something similar. But be prepared to buy your favorite food in large pots! They just do not sell things in a small way, and that is the other side to get a great price. It works for those who want a lot, and I mean a lot of things! If that’s your bag, then you have found the right place!
Each store has its pros and cons, but shopping at Costco somehow magnifies this concept! Without doubt, the advantages of shopping at Costco, namely prices. Costco buys goods in volume so they can sell their products at an extremely competitive price, and that’s a good thing. But be prepared to purchase these products in volume!
My wife and I recently signed up for Costco membership, as she began a business selling and it is hard to beat the agreements that Costco offers him the goods. So we went to our local Costco, but he made a big mistake because it was a Saturday. Why the problem with the Sabbath? Veteran Costco buyer knows the answer to this question. However, for people who are not familiar with the purchases here, the reason is that shopping on Saturday at Costco is like going to war! We almost hit the madding crowd… The first thought that popped into my head was “These people are nuts!” They were careening around the aisles and grabbing the big boxes of things like the end of the world was just around the corner. Frankly, it was a real turn-off, and we were not very interested in signing up for a membership if we had to deal with this every time we went shopping. But we got smart and decided to go in the “off” hours, if no such thing in this store.
So the drawbacks to shopping at Costco are the fans, are madness, and the inconsistency of the goods they carry every week. For example, suppose you are looking for Diet Orange Crush soda. Great, here it is, so taking a case or two. Well, next week is nowhere to be found! We observed this in a lot of Costco sells products, and can be a real disadvantage, especially when their customers as a particular product.
The advantages of buying at Costco are price, price and price! Did I leave out price? Yes, the best prices we found anywhere, except perhaps some rare coupon that our grocery store has been printed in the newspaper that virtually guarantees to pay a few cents or something. Low price is king at Costco, and really have cornered the market in this category. We think that Walmart was the champion here, but Costco surprised us with their prices! A unit price of less than sixteen cents for a can of soda is very, very difficult to overcome, so you only had to sign a membership and condemn the masses!