Sunday, September 19, 2010

Night OF Champions 2010

Six Pack Challenge for the WWE Championship: Champion Sheamus vs. John Cena vs.Edge vs. Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett vs. Chris Jericho
Rules of the match: This fight will be fought under elimination rules. A wrestler can be eliminated by pin fall, submission, count out, or disqualification. The last man remaining in the match will walk out as champion.

Events leading to this match: As the winner of WWE NXT Season 1, Wade Barrett earned a WWE Championship Match on any PPV he wanted. He chose to cash in his title shot at this event. Immediately after making that announcement, the mystery GM added the other four challengers to this match. Chris Jericho was originally supposed to be in this match but was removed by the GM following a loss to John Morrison. He later was put back into the match when he beat the Hart Dynsaty in a 2-on-1 Handicap Steel Cage Match.

World Heavyweight Championship: Champion Kane vs. The Undertaker
Events leading to this match: Several months ago, someone attacked the Undertaker and left him in a vegetative state. His brother, Kane, vowed to find the man that did this to him. At SummerSlam, we found out that it was Kane who attacked his brother.

Big Show vs. CM Punk
Events leading to this match: Punk and Big Show have been at odds ever since CM Punk and his Straight Edge Society disciples tried to break the Big Show’s hand. While Big Show has gone through Punk’s disciples and even beat the entire Straight Edge Society in a Handicap Match at SummerSlam, that win was hollow because CM Punk left the match early and Big Show wasn’t able to give him the beating he wanted to.

United States Championship: Champion The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan
Events leading to this match: The problems between these two men started during NXT Season 1. The Miz was the mentor for Daniel Bryan but instead of encouraging his rookie he continually insulted him. The Miz has been furious since John Cena chose Daniel Bryan to represent Team WWE at SummerSlam instead of him.

Intercontinental Championship: Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston
Rules of the match: If Dolph loses by disqualification or count out he will lose the title.
Events leading to this match: Dolph beat Kofi for the title a little over a month ago. Since then, Dolph has purposely gotten himself disqualified and counted out so he could retain the title. Because of his blatant use of the rule that says a title can only change hands via pin fall or submission, Teddy Long has taken that championship loop hole away from him.