Thursday, September 23, 2010

Facebook Dns Error

Logging on to Facebook is usually effortless with a registered username and password. But earlier today, the famous social networking site blocked millions of its users. Most may have wondered if there was something wrong with their Internet connection or computers. But the glitch was in Facebook’s system that experienced a technical problem with a server, causing a DNS error that turned into log in problems for users.

Facebook’s intermittent crashes has caused its users to worry on whether the content of their accounts have been compromised. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and company president, has yet to issue a press release that will explain the unfortunate incidents to its users all over the world.

Rumors have also been going around that the said DNS error is a publicity stunt for a movie that is set to be shown next week called the The Social Network. Thankfully, it was nothing but a preposterous and ridiculous rumor since the problem with Facebook was purely technical.

As of this time, FB is running smoothly as it should. It is believed that the technical glitch has been resolved. Hopefully, a report or an announcement may be released as to why it happened. Until then, users hope that the DNS errors won’t have to happen again anytime soon.

The temporary panic that it caused to Facebook users proves how dependent people have become to the social networking site. Online reports have even suddenly cropped up to aid FB users what to do with their time or just until Facebook fixes the problem.