Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sarah Brightman sing with Jackie Evancho on America's Got Talent FINALE

Sarah Brightman Jackie Evancho & Sarah Brightman Duet Totally Bittersweet   Why? (VIDEO)
Jackie Evancho touching duet with the acclaimed opera singer Sarah Brightman was oh so very bittersweet. Jackie held her own next to the woman who made her name as the voice of Christine in Phantom of the Opera (along with her debut role in Cats among others). She is an idol of young Jackie’s and to be able to sing along side, and hold her own I might add, with the Sarah must have been an amazing opportunity. But although it was sweet, it was also very sad and slightly soured, why?

I live in the west coast, and while I watched, I already knew the outcome. I knew that Jackie would not prevail and be the winner, which made her duet with Sarah all the more touching. And the song, “A Time to Say Good Bye,” could it be more apt? Also knowing a bit of Sarah’s personal life didn’t help. She suffered two mischarges and an ectopic pregnancy and once told Hello! that although motherhood would have been ‘lovely’ it just wasn’t in the cards. Perhaps being a mentor, at least for one night, would be a nice taste of being a mom.

The duet, even knowing the results, was beautiful, sweet and one that probably left many a viewer reaching for the Kleenex