Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mr. Olympia 2010 Results


Mr. Olympia 2010 results had been awaited by the bodybuilding
lovers since the preparation for this event had started. Bodybuilders from all around the globe have the dream to win this event, people work out the whole year in order to shape their bodies for this event. It is considered as a very prestigious event and this year it happened for the forty fifth time, in the past we have seen bodybuilding kings like Arnold in this competition. His win in this competition is still remembered by the people and he was in the best of his body shape when he took part in this competition.

The Mr. Olympia 2010 results were pretty surprising for a number of people, all the fans of Heath thought that finally this year he would be able to win the competition but it did not happen. Last year he had a tragedy, he had some severe stomach problems just a day before the competition, he lost a lot of

weight in a single day and was given the fifth place. This year he was in a better shape but was still not able to win the title and was given the second place. The most important of the Mr. Olympia 2010 results was for the 1st position and the lucky guy was the same one that won the title last year Mr. Cutler. All his fans were delighted and he looked in a really good shape and deserved to win the title once again.