Sunday, September 19, 2010

Notre Dame vs Michigan State 2010

Notre Dame Michigan State:The decisive factor was stunning in its rapidity. However, what was striking was the final result, which is becoming all too familiar to the Notre Dame football fans.Michigan State running play that he practiced all week to shock the Irish struggle and left with 34-31 overtime victory.

“Tough loss, obviously,” Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly. “He came to one play.”

He went to a play called “Little Giants” and the Michigan ran it to perfection – with big help.

The Irish (1-2) took 31-28 lead on the 33-yard field goal by David Rüffer in. Notre Dame advanced the ball nine yards in three games, but, faced with a fourth-and-1, Kelly was elected kick at goal rather than try to extend ownership.

Defense Notre Dame played well for the Spartans (3-0) first three plays and forced them back to the 29-yard line on fourth down. Michigan lined up on the field goal of his own, but instead of beating him, the holder of a professional player Aaron Bates rolled right and found tight end Charlie Gantt in solitude near the goal line to the winning touchdown.

“Michigan has performed the play,” Kelly said. “And we did not.

Two things happened on the play – at least apparently – that helped the Spartan cause. First, the Irish defensive back that is responsible for lighting the hard end when attempting a fake field goal fell.

“We had a guy cover (hard way), who fell,” said Kelly.

Secondly, it seems, Michigan took advantage of some poor clock management at the officers. According to several reports via TV responses that play clock clearly expired before the snap scoring play.

“I have not seen the game clock at the moment,” said Kelly. “I do not think that any time to repeat after the fact.”

The defeat gave the Irish their worst start since 2007 (0-3 season), in which they won only three games. Also, is the eighth defeat in last 9 games for this program.

“After losing as hard as it is, what do you believe?” Kelly said in his message to the players. “Do you believe in your team? Do you believe in the coaches? Do you believe in training and if yes, then we will come back and work more.”

The night was not without positive for the Irish. The offense was very strong, pick up 461 yards of total offense (369 passing). Notre Dame defender Dane Crist played very well in the indicated time intervals was only the beginning of the third.

“He did some good things,” said Kelly. “What he has to work for a world governance (issues). Caring for football.”

Although Christ did complete 32 of 55 passes for 369 meters and 4 touchdowns, he fumbled for the critical fourth down with 6:03 remaining, and he’s one interception.

Turnovers and poor defense the Irish have suffered throughout most of the game though. Of Notre Dame fumbled ball 3 times, losing a couple. It also allowed the State of Michigan to move up and down the field, it is easy for a large part of the game. The Spartans had 477 yards of offense, including 203 on the ground.

“We will continue working to get better,” said Kelly. “If you do not believe (in love), then these are times that you’ll see groups break.