Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Venus Williams US Open Outfit Shows Legs

Venus Williams' US Open outfit and French Open tennis outfit for 2010 have brought up some interesting dialog about tennis attire and fashion. There are a plethora of critics who like to
poke fun at the choice of outfits from the more fashion savvy Williams sister.

Perhaps the most controversial outfit that Venus Williams has ever worn was the one that she wore to the French Open this summer. The black negligee inspired dress looked like it came straight from the boudoir of Moulin Rouge, and not something that a tennis champion would be wearing. At a Grand Slam tournament.

The look was definitely French, and for those who were hoping for another lingerie inspired showdown, they weren't let down. Venus Williams once again lived up to her legacy, donning a see through black tennis dress adorned with firework embroidery.

There was also a bright pink one.

The dress was tight and rode up past her Spanks - but she had spanks on, even if they were flesh colored.

Speaking of Flesh colored shorts - that's what she wore under her Australian Open outfit. That's what really started the more and more edgy outfits from this tennis star. Many thought of the possibility that she wasn't wearing underwear underneath her dress, and although that's what it looked like the whole concept was a little asinine.

Think about it - she's sweating like a pig. Do you honestly think she wouldn't wear any undergarments? I shudder just thinking about what it would feel like to play tennis commando.

I think that Venus Williams enjoys the attention brought to her by her tennis outfits. I also think that the US Open Outfit is far from the most ... revealing she's graced the courts with. Will she continue you push the envelope with her tennis fashion? In the words of Sarah Palin, "You Betcha."

If the Tennis authorities didn't like it, they would put an end to it via dress codes. They haven't, and so I would think they'd like the attention it draws to the Grand Slam and just the people who tune in to watch Venus.