Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ines Sainz Website About Harassment Controversy At Jets Locker Room

Ines Sainz Website about Harassment Controversy at the New York Jets Locker Room - The controversy Happened at the National Football League, M New York Jets were being put into a misdemeanour That alarms the League's and the Authority's Management Team.

Apparently, a Mexican reporter and once a beauty queen Ines Sainz, was being put into the hot seat after a harassment allegation case That Took Place in the New York Jets Locker Room.

The interview Happened Inside the Jets locker room and said "some reports That the mom she ENTERED the room, all the players break loose. Also According to the reports, "some of the players were shouting and somethings were joking. And since Ines Seinz is a professional reporter, "She Did not mind the players, and Rather proceed to her work .. and That Is Thurs interview the players.

"In my opinion in, I never felt I was attacked. I went to the locker room and started to talk about sports and commentary. Another reporter approached me to say they was sorry These things were happening ... and That evidently people were making fun of me, "Ines said in an interview.

The owner and general manager of the New York Jets Already Gave an apology Thurs Ines Sainz for the wrong act of the players. Ines has recently CONFIRMED That she has no Plans of Giving Any Legal Remedies despite the Fact That The NFL Will Surely Gave an action for what Happened.