Monday, September 6, 2010

PS3 Update 3.42 is live updates

Sony has just released update 3.42 amidst much curiosity surrounding it. This is solely because it’s the first Firmware update after the “PSJAILBREAK” exploit hit PS3s.

As was speculated by many faithful Sony fans and Gamersmint aswell, Sony has done just what every honest PS3 gamer expected from it. We can confirm that update 3.42 blocks any PS3 which has the PSJAILBREAK exploit in place from accessing PSN or playing games which require this update. It totally makes their PS3 “useless“.

We did warn users not to use this exploit if they wanted to keep using their PS3 like they’re “supposed” to. Anyone who didn’t pay heed, well…looks like you’re outta luck now!

However, this is not the only thing which the new update does, it seems Sony made some tweaks to its web browser aswell. The text in the browser is a lot more bolded now and seems much more convenient to read. We have also had reports that the PS3 browser loads a bit faster aswell and browsing in general has become faster.

Obviously, there’s more under the hood upgrades that this update might bring, we will update this post as and when we figure them out. For now, we can rejoice that the much hyped PSJAILBREAK has been contained for now…what the future holds though, is anyone’s guess!