Friday, September 10, 2010

Gospel Singer Marvin Sapp’s Wife MaLinda Sapp Dies Of Cancer

The worst time in anyone’s life is when a loved one passes away especially if it is a life partner. If an individual is happily married then, it is the spouse who he is closed to, and her loss means end of the world.

This is exactly what has occurred to Marvin Sapp. Marvin Sapp wife cancer is the news headline for ninth September ’10. Marvin Sapp wife cancer took her life away. Fans got really shocked and felt for their poor celebrity singer when they came to know about Marvin Sapp wife cancer. She was diagnosed with the cancer of colon few months ago and since then; Marvin spent a lot of money on her treatment. He wanted to save the life of his beloved wife Malinda Sapp at any cost. He went to the country’s best doctors for the purpose.

Malinda and Marvin Sapp went to school together and entered into wed lock about fifteen years back. They were living a perfect life before it was discovered that the poor wife is suffering from colon cancer and there were not really high hopes that she would recover. The couple has three small kids who will now be spending their entire life without their mother’s love and affection. Marvin Sapp is extremely saddened at the death of Malinda who was not only his wife but also his best friend, mother of his children and an amazing manager of him. It was due to Malinda’s management skills that Marvin was able to rise up high in his singing career.