Wednesday, September 8, 2010

LFO Singer Rich Cronin Dies

Rich Cronin 3
Rich Cronin, former lead singer of pop group LFO, is dead at 35. He reportedly died today (September 8, 2010) after succumbing to a 5-year battle with leukemia. Fans will dearly miss Rich Cronin and his amazing talent.

You know, sometimes celebrities die because of a self inflicted cause such as drugs, and yes, their deaths are somewhat tragic too, but it is always such a sad thing to see a person pass away at such a young age from an illness. Especially when that person was as magnificent as Rich was. His goal was to make an impact on the fight against cancer, and he did just that as the founder of the Hope Foundation, which informs the public about the importance of donating blood and bone marrow. Find out more about the foundation in the video below.

Former member of the boyband NSYNC, Lance Bass, took to twitter earlier to offer his condolences. He tweeted:

“Sad sad day that Rich Cronin died- was a amazing guy. : (”

As a biography, Rich Cronin was born on August 30, 1975. He was a native of Kingston, Massachusetts. His brother, Mike Cronin, is the manager for the boyband O-Town. Over a decade ago he wrote the smash hit ‘Summer Girls,’ which rapidly climbed its way up the Billboard Hot 100, finally peaking at number three. About three years after their most recognizable single was released LFO broke up. In June of 2009 the band made the announcement that they were getting back together, and about three months later, much to the dismay of fans, they announced that they had broken up again. He died of acute myelogenous leukemia on September 8, 2010.

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