Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bieyanka Moore: Controversy in the Adult Business*r0cDtRBu3Sq0cYRTqjVG1sdzcPja03yNZzQt7/KnightonBlackSmalley.jpg
Bieyanka Moore is the internet celebrity of the day, after some people reported seeing the young star that appeared in an adult movie on a missing children blog.

Soon after the news started spreading and people shared the story on the social networking sites, such as Twitter, a person using various nicknames who said that she is Bieyanka Moore started replying to the posts.

There were even replies on some forums that were posting the story.

The person who was believed to be Bieyanka Moore said that she is aware of the rumor that she was only 15 years old when her adult movie came out but that the rumors are not true.

She also promised that everything will be set straight soon.