Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bachelor Pad Winner 2010

Who Won Bachelor Pad 2010
The Bachelorette spoiler in the “Bachelor Pad” late Monday night, a happy couple had a $ 250,000, but it was a twist. Will they split the money, or only one of them has to keep everything as is, or greed, so they lose money and equally among its candidates? At the end of the bachelor pad, making the show the two finalists, Dave and Natalie to write a word in private. “Save,” he said, wanted to keep the entire $ 250,000 for himself to “share” meant that the money be distributed fairly.

If a selected “save” This person receives the award in its entirety. If they decided to “hold” is the money allocated to the loss of candidates bachelor pad. And finally, if both chose to share “to divide” the prize money of $ 250,000 bachelor pad. The couple, the dance contest winner will be chosen in a position to another partner, a male and a female candidate to go against the final. Then the four candidates from before a jury of 15 candidates bachelor pad, which must be submitted to the last four questions and hear his plea before the selection of a partner. The last two candidates standing are invited to make a final decision and the winner is announced. The vote took place, Natalie and David were selected.
But there is one more step. Everyone was taken to a room, say where they had to choose between keeping to all the money, and in transit – but of course, was decided in a two twist.If to share it, share the money. If you take action and maintain that decided to also continue to receive the money. If both decide to keep or raise money. equally among its neighbors.Both Dave and Natalie visited are split, will share the money have each received $ 125,000.