Monday, September 6, 2010

Weeds Season 6 Episode 4

In Weeds Season 6 Episode 4, “A Yippity Sippity,” Nancy, Silas (Hunter Parrish) and Andy (Justing Kirk) take on regular jobs at a hotel. Nancy becomes a maid, only to get stuck cleaning the sheets for a man with a fetish for prostitutes that pee on him. Andy ends up becoming a dishwasher for a chef (Peter Stormare) who hates his guts. And, Shane is forced to read choose-your-own-adventure books to a man who tips heavy for teenage boys who read novels in their underwear. It was enough to drive a man to kill or rather drive a killer to steal. Shane (Alexander Gould) was forced to take care of his baby brother, while his family worked. When his baby stroller is found lacking, he decides to steal a new stroller.
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Now the stage has been set. Nancy quickly finds out that, due to a hotel strike, the hotel’s usual marijuana supplier is on the picket line. She decides to plead her case for medicinal marijuana. While Nancy’s funds are short, Nancy learns that the neighborhood marijuana grower is throwing away marijuana trimmings. In exchange for one hundred dollars, Nancy gets a few trash bags filled with marijuana trimmings. Nancy puts her MacGyver level drug dealing talents to good use. She uses the hotel’s largest blender, a washing machine, to combine the marijuana with ice cubes and make hash. Let the drug dealing begin.

Doug finally returns to Weeds. Ignacio (Hemky Madera) and Cesar (Enrique Castillo) corner him when he returns home; most likely, they intend to interrogate Doug on Nancy’s whereabouts. We’ve missed Doug and our favorite Mexican gangsters in Weeds Season 6. Although Ignacio and Cesar have been in a few quick cut scenes this season, nothing has really shown off the comedic prowess these two displayed in Season 5. So, it’s great to see them back in the picture. We’ve also got Richard Dreyfuss and Mark-Paul Gosselaar slated for guest appearances.

Over the next few episodes we will probably see Esteban’s (Demián Bichir) team close in on Nancy. But, what of the feds? A man named Vince walked up to Nancy at the hotel’s bar using a cheesy pickup line. He said he was FBI, but then joked it off saying that he was a part of the Federal Bureau of Interested in you. Was this merely a pickup line or has the FBI really found Nancy and is working on turning her against Esteban? We’ve been there before and it didn’t work out in the law’s favor.

Nancy cuts a deal with the hotel’s concierge to sell hash to hotel guests. Meanwhile, Silas and Andy also make unusual progress with their day jobs. Elsewhere, Shane and baby Stevie keep themselves occupied by joining a ‘mommy group’. Back at Ren Mar, Doug is interrogated by Cesar and Ignacio for information on Nancy.