Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quran Burning in Florida

The Holy book of the Muslims whose religion has been made unpopular around the world among the non-Muslims is being planned to burn down on the 11th of September. Many of the Non Muslims who are against the Muslims and their religion are going to burn the copies of Quran in various cities of the United States of America in order to calm their souls from the 9/11 incident that took place in the year 2001.

The whole responsibility of this incident was put on the Muslims and on their religion due to which they have been disgraced around the world till now for this issue. The recent updates present that the United Nations have declared the Quran Burning in Florida as a hideous act which is not a right way to show hatred.

The Quran Burning in Florida is just a way of showing the hatred of the Christians for the Muslims as they think that the Muslims have disturbed their whole system with their teachings and actions. In this modern era

everyone wants peace and the United Nations have said that the Quran Burning in Florida must not be carried out as it would create any protest or any demonstration from the Muslims in order to protect their Holy Book. The General Secretary of the United States of America Ban Ki Moon is also against the Quran Burning in Florida it has also been said that all the reconciliations will be ended among the Americans and the people of Afghanistan if these types of acts will be carried out against the Muslims.